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with your
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Do you have a business idea?

We will help to bring your idea to life!

We are an experienced representative of the software development community and have extensive experience in BigData, DevOps, System Administration, Web, Design and are engaged in the development of complex solutions that other companies are afraid to tackle and say that these projects are not feasible. This is not a problem for us!

We will consider your idea and will definitely take it into development if it seems to us as interesting and viable as possible in the modern world. Today we are in great competition with other companies, so any unique idea will be worth its weight in gold.

Startups are growing faster today than ever before. In 1998, US venture capitalists backed them at an average return of 63% per year. In 2014, the average compound annual growth rate of startups entering the market was already 85%.

Even more impressive is that new startups should be five times larger than fifteen years ago before entering the market ... In 1998, the average startup IPO earned $ 11.8M adjusted for dollar inflation. In 2014, this figure was already $ 54M.

How it works?

You need investment to grow your business.
You have already visited banks, investment funds, turned to large investors and government agencies, negotiated with brokers and intermediaries - but so far there is no result in money anywhere. We will help you implement your project, and then it's up to you.


Send an application


We are developing
an application


You get clients


We get a small percentage of the profit.

How to get investment?

Almost any project with growth prospects has a chance to collect and receive investments, but usually everyone admits to fundraising a business that:

- officially registered as a legal entity;

- exists as at least a year;

- has a turnover on the account;

- is attractive for investments, it has the potential and strategy for growth in turnover;

- business owners have a good history, they did not participate in gray schemes.

Steps to getting our help

You describe your company to us

You describe the idea to us

You send us an application

We ask you to confirm your application.

We approve your application

We sign papers with you

We agree with you the terms of reference and set deadlines

We develop a product

You receive a finished product

You get more clients

You get more profit

We get a small percentage for our work

Get a consultation on your project

Contact us to discuss your ideas, and we will tell you in detail how we can help your business